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What to Wear


We are so excited to have you dancing with us at The Studio!

The dress code is fairly straightforward:

Dancers first grade and younger may wear pink or black leotards, pink *convertible* tights, and a skirt if they like. Their hair must be in a pony tail or a bun [length-allowing]. They need pink leather ballet slippers and black patent leather tap shoes.

Dancers second grade and older may wear black leotards and pink *convertible* tights. In tap and jazz classes they may wear skirts or shorts over their leotards. In Modern & Contemporary they may wear shorts over their leotards. The shoes are the same as above depending on the class. Jazz classes often practice in ballet slippers to save time until later in the spring. Hair should be in a bun for ballet class and a pony tail for tap and jazz. Hip Hop dancers may wear yoga pants or jazz pants with a camisole or tight-fitting tank top. No t-shirts, except for boys. Hip hope shoes should be worn with socks or tights. Hair should be in a pony tail for this class as well.

*Convertible tights have an opening in the ball of the feet allowing the foot to be pulled out bare and then covered again. We would like all dancers to wear these.

We sell all of these items in our on-site retail store. We carry some in stock and can order for you otherwise. Additionally we offer Curtain Call for Class which allows you to purchase all of your dancewear needs online and have them shipped to your home.

Curtain Call For Class *

Search for The Studio, passphrase TheStudio1

Locate your class and order all of your dance wear needs.


Also for fun Studio Gear including the cool tops and jackets in the retail store, check out: *