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From the recreational dancer to the future professional,we offer something for everyone!

The Studio provides a variety of options for our dancers from combination classes to specialty classes in ballet, jazz, and hip hop. Some dancers dance once a week while others are there every day. We focus on the dancer and her or his goals.


Music Classes:

In addition to dance, we offer private lessons in piano and voice. Music in all forms is so important to our children’s education. These classes are particularly helpful for our friends interested in Musical Theater pursuits. Contact us directly to create a schedule of private lessons.


Adult Dance Classes:

Dance really is for everyone. We offer an adult tap class on Wednesday from 6:45 – 7:30pm. We also offer an adult ballet and jazz combination class on Wednesday from 8:00 -9:00pm. Further, grab a punch card! Adults can purchase a $50 punch card loaded for five classes and drop in on any classes they find interesting–Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, and more. Don’t miss this fun way to reward yourself!


Children’s Dance Classes:

We offer many children’s classes with a well-honed curriculum. We help kids make cross-connections by employing pretend play, incorporating colors, shapes, numbers, and more. We introduce ballet and tap technique at an age-appropriate pace and, most importantly, we have fun! Hip Hop is available to our young dancers beginning in Kindergarten or at the age of five. Membership in our Performing Groups is also available beginning at age five.

We 2: Two year-olds – A primarily creative movement class meant to be a special time with child and family member.

Pre-K [3 – 4]: Three year-olds

Pre-K [4 – 5]: Four year-olds –  There is some blending of ages at the Pre-K level and usually at least one blended class.

Hippety Hop: [3 – 5] Three and Four year-olds – This class is a ton of fun, blending a Pre-K structure with upbeat music and moves.

Beginner I: [5 – 6] – Kindergarteners

Beginner II: [6 – 7] – First graders


School Age Dancers:

As our dancers get older they have more choices available to them and  may choose their level of intensity. National experts agree second grade is the right age to offer kids more challenge if they have interest. At this point onward dancers are eligible to join our Ballet Company, our Jazz Curriculum, as well as continue with our Hip Hop Curriculum, our Performing Groups, and join our Competition Teams. As dancers get older the ages are guidelines but exceptions are made based on ability. The levels below include ballet classes, tap classes, and jazz classes.

Advanced Beginner [7-8] – Second graders

Intermediate I – 3rd grade [8-9] – Third graders

Intermediate I – 4th grade [9 -10] – Fourth graders

Intermediate II – 5th grade [10 – 11]- Fifth graders

Intermediate III – 6th grade [11 – 12] – Sixth graders

Intermediate IV – 7th grade [12 – 13] – Seventh graders

Intermediate V – 8th & 9th grade [13-15] – Eight and Ninth graders

Advanced I – By Instructor Placement

Advanced II – By Instructor Placement


Specialty Classes:

Contemporary: [11+] This is a wonderful class that allows dancers who have a firm grasp of technique to explore new ideas about movement and space and enhance their expressiveness. A Company Ballet technique class is required to take this class. There are three levels of Contemporary classes and placement is made by instructor.

Contemporary I

Contemporary II

Contemporary III


Musical Theater: [7 +] This class also offers fantastic opportunities to our dancers, many of whom participate in local theater productions in school and the community. Focusing on vocal, dance, and acting skills, this class equips students with tools and skills  for auditions and stage performances. There are two levels of Musical Theater.

Mini Musical Theater [ages 6-9]

Musical Theater [ages 10+]


Company Ballet Technique Classes:

Dancers in our Ballet Technique classes form our Ballet Company. Our Ballet Company members perform in spring ballet production. Every third year we perform our Nutcracker. Dancers are permitted to take the technique classes without performing in the ballets. The ages and grades are guidelines. Instructors place dancers in the appropriate ballet levels.

Company Ballet I:  [7 – 9] – 2nd and 3rd graders

Company Ballet II: [10 – 12] – 4th and 5th graders

Company Ballet III: [12 – 13] – 6th and 7th graders

Company Ballet IV: [13 – 15] – 8th – 10th graders

Company Ballet V: [14+]

Pointe I & II: – Placement by Instructor


Modern & Improvisation Classes:

This class offers a unique opportunity to gain exposure to Modern training and strengthen improvisation skills, useful in auditioning and performing. A Company Ballet technique class is required to take this class and placement is made by instructor.

Modern & Improv I

Modern & Improv II


Hip Hop Classes:

What better way to develop your core strength and have a ton of fun, than our Hip Hop classes. These classes perform in the June show. Additionally there are Hip Hop Performing Groups and options to compete in this genre.

Hippety Hop: [3 – 5] Three and Four year-olds – This class is a ton of fun, blending a Pre-K structure with upbeat music and moves.

Mini Hip Hop: [5 – 7] – Kindergarteners and 1st graders

Hip Hop I: [8 -10] – 2nd and 3rd graders

Hip Hop II: [10 – 13] 4th, 5th, and 6th graders

Hip Hop III: [12 – 14] 7th, 8th, and 9th graders

Hip Hop IV: [13+]

Hip Hop V: Placement By Instructor


Jazz Classes:

For those dancers interested in furthering their jazz technique and improving their strength and flexibility in this genre we offer our jazz curriculum. Some dancers in our jazz classes choose to compete.

Jazz Pop, Stretch, & Strength  [11+]

Jazz II – [13+]